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Setting the standard for security in the IoT- Era

We, PHYSEC GmbH, are a young deep-tech company from Bochum. As a spin-off of the renowned Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI) in Bochum, our focus is on security in the Internet of Things.



The origin of our idea

Dr. Christian Zenger and Dr. Heiko Koepke met in 2014 during an entrepreneurship workshop at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. At that time, Dr Christian Zenger had published outstanding research results for new security technology in the field of cyber-physical security. Together with Dr. Heiko Koepke, who contributes expert knowledge in the fields of financial controlling, entrepreneurship, and innovation management, the starting signal for the joint venture was given.



Funded by BMWi EXIST Froschungstransfer, the PHYSEC Team starts developing the IoTree® middleware by integrating best-of-breed open source tools and their anti-tamper radio technology.



The team realises that security becomes a critical hygiene aspect for the Internet of Things and that no product on the market provides the ability to perform automated security audits in an effective and integrated manner.

Thus, PHYSEC GmbH was founded.



PHYSEC starts to develop its commercial offering on top of IoTree® middleware.

PHYSEC releases its first commercial solution, production-independent key management. This will be quickly followed by the release of more commercial packages: Enterprise LoRaWAN®, OPC-UA and other connectors, Management interfaces etc.

At the same time, the PHYSEC solution was honoured at the Cebit Forum 2017 by the the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for being one of the most original projects in terms of innovation and potential for value creation.

Discover IoTree®


As part of a peace research project, PHYSEC publishes first insights into novel technology for monitoring nuclear disarmament (Technologie zur Überwachung der nuklearen Abrüstung).

At the same time, PHYSEC and its founders are awarded with a series of highly reputable awards, including Innovator under 35 by MIT Technology Review, German IT Secruity Award and the Digital Startup of the Year Award.



PHYSEC launches System and Environmental Assessment on Layer 0 (SEAL)

After 6 years of research and development and in response to market needs and user demands, PHYSEC launched its first commercial Anti Tamper Radio (ATR) together with the SEAL Portal to provide remote physical integrity assessment as a service. At the same time, the SEAL was honoured at the NRW Gründerpreis 2019 for being one of the most original projects in terms of quality of execution and potential for value creation.


Growing together includes the implementation of responsibilities and Departments. In order to achieve healthy and continuous growth, the communication between the departments is crucial. Thus at PHYSEC we believe in a flat corporate hierarchy. In order to strengthen interdisciplinary communication, there are regular team meetings where we exchange ideas and get to know each other better.



Gelsenwasser AG participates in PHYSEC GmbH.

Years of cooperation result in the perfect partnership for data protection-compliant digitization of the water and energy industry.

At the same time, TLS via LoRaWAN® has been successfully evaluated and is poised to become the de facto standard solution for water meters.


Today PHYSEC provides a world-class solution to manage IoT added values and IoT Security.

PHYSEC can be seen as the hidden champion of IoT solutions for regulated infrastructures in energy and water management. IoTree® already forms the foundation of 25+ rollouts of economically efficient and secure digitalization solutions.

Companies of all sizes rely on PHYSEC's products to manage their technical debt and risk, ultimately delivering secure and sustainable IoT solutions.