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Cyber and physical security from a single source

The modern provider develops comprehensive digital and utility services. This requires efficient and secure solutions to meet the requirements of a KRITIS operator. However, modern and complexity-reducing security standards are often ignored or not considered. We know the high demands on IoT infrastructures and IT security, and build the link between public utilities, providers and municipalities, and manufacturers as well as service providers.


IoT security must be basic and simple

PHYSEC stands for technology, innovation and sustainable secure digitalisation. Our mission is to enable the most efficient security processes with the help of IoTree®. To make this happen, we put our employees first. That plus an agile way of working with a flat company hierarchy ensures a brilliant working atmosphere that our customers value with every contact. As a spin-off of the Ruhr University Bochum, our start-up network provides a priceless speed advantage and continuous innovation of our products.

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 Futuristic visualization of the digitization of critical infrastructures


Are you in the digitalization of critical infrastructure and want to take your municipality a step further with smart applications? We provide you with specialists, expertise, areas of application and corresponding secure products so that nothing stands in the way of your digitalization. 

 Futuristic visualization of the fusion of a circuit board and PHYSEC logo


The demand for Internet-enabled and trusted devices is growing. We are familiar with the challenges faced by manufacturers and users of IoT devices. Our more robust, foundational security can achieve a significantly lower total cost of ownership. 


Strong IoT security solutions that are also armed against serious attackers. Through innovation in the field of IT security and a strong team, we are convinced that together we can achieve great things.

Best in Class Security for the IoT

When connecting the physical and digital worlds, it is necessary to observe security standards. Thus, the current state of the art is only the beginning of secure digitalization. Our product already solves the requirements and challenges of tomorrow.

What our network says

Stadtwerke Göttingen AG

"The cooperation with PHYSEC is a great enrichment for us. The seamless support and the direct exchange enable us to digitize the meter system quickly and securely. Due to the comprehensive understanding of PHYSEC with its platform loTree®, the heat efficiency package was created, implemented and further developed. During the rollout, further exciting use cases were created that are being worked on continuously."

Municipal utility
Goettingen AG

Quote 2

"We have been working and developing together with PHYSEC in the field of Internet of Things since 2018. Together, we have quickly and reliably established an area-wide LoRaWAN® network within Bochum and use the data hub IoTree® to visualize and evaluate received data - without compromising on IT security."

Municipal utility
Bochum Netz GmbH

Quote 3

"These young German innovators show an impressive combination of entrepreneurial and scientific-technical skills and are developing a technology with the potential to impact the world."

MIT Technology Review