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Keep IoT simple and secure

IoTree® is an IoT service platform and has been designed from the ground up to be secure, user-friendly and compliant with the relevant regulatory framework. In addition, IoTree® is fast to deploy and can be implemented across the board. IoTree® enables digital business models based on physical products and was developed with the requirements for major rollouts of water and heat meters in mind.

Advantages / added values

We secure IoTree® with some of the most strict security ratings in the world, from device level to communications to secure hosting services.


Safe: Designed for use in critical infrastructures


Scalable: Automated and secured processes for rollouts


Customizable: Available as a white label solution


Graphical: Visualization for monitoring measured values


Intuitive: Easy to use and short training period


Compatible: Connectable via a wide range of interfaces

Manages data for everyone

With IoTree®, you get a secure, self-service management tool that lets you create and manage new contracts and access analytics and smart rules for your business user groups. To reduce configuration and deployment risks, our device, key, user management and login schemes meet the highest usability standards, e.g. passwords are no longer required.


Powerful and Flexible API

Our API is designed to integrate existing IT systems with IoTree®. Typical use cases range from asset management, expert solutions, IoT platforms to automated billing systems.

Usable security and privacy by design

IoTree® provides architecture, protocols, infrastructure and smooth operations according to the highest security levels and best usability standards. During implementation, we follow the Secure Development Lifecycle within an agile development environment. IoTree®-specific aspects are: Onboarding and Key Management, OTA Firmware Updates, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), Physical Tamper Detection (SEAL) and Threat Modelling.


IoTree® Service Platform Functions

IoTree® enables the secure connection of IoT hardware and the use of IoT applications. With its high flexibility and diverse features, IoTree® supports utility users in particular in implementing use cases and managing IoT hardware and the related infrastructure in an efficient and intuitive way.


IoTree® follows the concepts of security by design and privacy by default. Our unique additional TLS encryption for LoRaWAN® also enables secure connectivity for KRITIS applications. We thus offer you the highest level of security for your data for selected sensors in accordance with BSI and ENISA standards and are also GDPR compliant.

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure Management

The integrated LoRaWAN® Infrastructure Management supports you in efficiently managing your LoRaWAN® gateways. To do this, we increase your network security with hardened gateways and a hardened LoRaWAN® Network Server.



The integrated visualization of the IoT data enables you to handle IoTree® intuitively and comfortably. The display is possible as map and graph view as well as in tabular form.


Device Management

Our device management offers you the possibility to manage IoT devices efficiently, centrally and manufacturer-independently. With definable rules and alarms, we support you in automating your processes.


Interfaces and communication technologies

The communication technologies supported by IoTree®, such as LoRaWAN and wM-Bus, enable the connection of a variety of IoT devices. With the help of a wide range of standardized interfaces, such as MQTT and REST, the data can also be efficiently fed into third-party systems and further used.

Multi-client capability

IoTree® enables digital business models for LoRaWAN® network operators. With our Risk and Data Protection concept for managing customer and CRITIS data, data security and DSGVO do not pose any complications for you. In addition, IoTree® is available as a white label and can be adapted to your corporate design.


Setup Options

IoTree® can be installed in the cloud or on your local server infrastructure. If you opt for hosting in the cloud, we take care of all aspects of operation for you. If you choose to install it on your local server infrastructure, your IT or existing IT service provider will run it.

Cloud Setup

With Cloud Setup, the IoTree® service platform is hosted on our cloud infrastructure. You get the full functionality of IoTree® and we take care of all tasks related to operation, maintenance, backups and updates. For you, this means less internal IT effort and the security of an optimally maintained IT infrastructure. Of course, we only use German data centers, which are certified according to ISO 27001.100% DSGVO-compliant.


On Premises Setup

With an On Premises installation, the IoTree® service platform is hosted on your own IT infrastructure. We provide your IT or your IT service provider with the software for this purpose. All aspects relating to the installation of updates, operation of the infrastructure and maintenance and updates are therefore your responsibility. The advantage of an On Premises installation is that your data does not leave your own infrastructure. Full data sovereignty.

What our network says

Stadtwerke Göttingen IoTree

"Connecting remotely readable heat meters to PHYSEC's IoTree® platform enabled us to significantly reduce average flow and return temperatures and volume flow in our district heating networks. These optimizations result in high annual cost savings."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

Gelsenwasser AG

"The cooperation between Gelsenwasser AG and PHYSEC GmbH is always constructive, characterized by a very high level of technical competence and an open, trusting relationship with each other. With this background, we have already successfully implemented the LoRa®TLS project for efficient remote meter reading, which we will continue to develop together in the future."

Gelsenwasser AG

Stadtwerke Göttingen LoRaWAN

Stadtwerke Göttingen

"The IoTree® platform provides convenient access to our LoRaWAN® data. Due to the intuitive operation, the various settings and the map function, we always have a perfect overview of our devices. Thus processes get optimized and enable a smooth workflow."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

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Built for Utilities

PHYSEC has a wealth of experience in securing assets for utility companies, effectively addressing the industry's needs and challenges.

Built for OEMs

Thanks to our great expertise in embedded security, OEM companies can shift their attention towards their use cases.

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

Our LoRaWAN® Starter Project provides an opportunity to set up LoRaWAN® network quickly and efficiently.

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