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The pressure to digitalise the supply infrastructure is constantly growing. On the one hand, this is more frequently required by the relevant regulations (e.g. FFVAV). On the other hand, new market conditions, such as the energy transition and rising prices, require efficient grid operation and grid expansion, for which intelligent grids are needed. With the increasing digitalisation of the networks, there are also new dangers that need to be considered and secured. This means that there are completely new challenges for utilities that need to be mastered.

The IoTree® Platform

We are your partner for the secure digitalisation of your supply infrastructures. PHYSEC offers you 6 years of expertise, working and implemented use cases and secure products for the utility sector and critical infrastructures.

IoTree® serves as an interface between the physical and the digital world, offers all functions for the implementation of your IoT projects and pursues the highest security standards. With IoTree®, you can efficiently manage your IoT hardware and the associated infrastructure. Moreover, you can bundle and analyze the data and feed it into external systems.

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Advantages / added value


Secure: Security by design and GDPR-compliant data protection


Technology-independent: Use of LoRaWAN® and wM-Bus is possible


Efficient: Diverse options for process automation


Simple: Ease of use and low training costs


Connectable: Variety of interfaces for connecting to application software


Interoperable: Devices of all manufacturers can be connected

Our areas of application

Sustainable digitalisation in all fields

Our platform can be used flexibly, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases. IoTree® is already being used in many ways within the core area of supply management, as well as in the areas of Smart Facility and Smart City. In this way, we enable utilities to achieve savings, develop new business areas and additional revenues, as well as new municipal services. In combination with their own LPWAN-network, municipal utilities are becoming a driving force behind digitalisation in the region. With numerous partners, we have already implemented a wide variety of applications and contributed to a significant increase in resource efficiency.

Block of houses where submetering was securely digitized using LoRaWAN.

Smart Metering

Expand your business field outside of the regulated network operation and open up the lucrative market of submetering with us.

Collage of solar panels, windmills an transmission towers

Smart Grid

Maximum efficiency and minimum risk with PHYSEC MOV3 - the ultimate IoT security solution for critical infrastructures. Our advanced technology secures your networks and data.

City becoming a Smart City through 5G networking, LoRaWAN is also an option.

Smart city

Whether it is digital parking space, intelligent waste containers, networked buildings, flood monitoring or other use cases, together with us your smart city project is going to be a success.

Forest with various small icons of elements belonging to critical infrastructure.


In order for companies defined as critical infrastructures to implement use cases in the context of the Internet of Things, other industry-specific regulations must be observed in addition to the general requirements.

Facility Management

Although major metering service providers have traditionally held sway in this market, the advent of fresh regulations and technologies has opened doors for up-and-coming market participants. We are well-equipped to assist you in accessing this profitable market.

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Our expertise

Benefit from our knowledge in your applications

Through our active participation in BSI and BMMi task forces, we are always up-to-date with the upcoming regulations regarding the digitalisation of supply infrastructures. Established as a spin-off from the renowned Bochum Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI), PHYSEC is still characterized by scientific excellence to this day. Our expertise is complemented by many years of experience in the field of digitalisation of critical infrastructures and the joint development of numerous use cases in close cooperation with our customers. With this portfolio, we provide you with expert advice about everything related to digitalising your supply infrastructure.

A bird's-eye view of a city where the LoRaWAN networks are symbolized by the WLAN symbol.

Service LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

We support you with everything you need for an extensive evaluation of the LoRaWAN® technology. Together with us, your pilot project will be a complete success.

PHYSEC workshops for LoRaWAN and IoTree


As part of our workshops, we provide your employees with the necessary skills to be able to implement your digitalisation projects in-house.

What our network says

Stadtwerke Göttingen IoTree

"Connecting remotely readable heat meters to PHYSEC's IoTree® platform enabled us to significantly reduce average flow and return temperatures and volume flow in our district heating networks. These optimizations result in high annual cost savings."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

Gelsenwasser AG

"The cooperation between Gelsenwasser AG and PHYSEC GmbH is always constructive, characterized by a very high level of technical competence and an open, trusting relationship with each other. With this background, we have already successfully implemented the LoRa®TLS project for efficient remote meter reading, which we will continue to develop together in the future."

Gelsenwasser AG

Stadtwerke Göttingen LoRaWAN

Stadtwerke Göttingen

"The IoTree® platform provides convenient access to our LoRaWAN® data. Due to the intuitive operation, the various settings and the map function, we always have a perfect overview of our devices. Thus processes get optimized and enable a smooth workflow."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

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Built for OEMs

Thanks to our great expertise in embedded security, OEM companies can shift their attention towards their use cases.


IoTree® is a best-in-class software that enables companies to collect and analyze real-world data, allowing for process optimization.

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

Our LoRaWAN® Starter Project provides an opportunity to set up LoRaWAN® network quickly and efficiently.

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