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PHYSEC secures excellent results for its customers through innovative technologies, continuous development and comprehensive customer service. Uncomplicated and established processes create a high degree of customer proximity and ensure that your ideas are implemented quickly and problems are solved sustainably. In addition, our solutions offer a wide range of individualization options, so that we can always make you the best offer.

Advantages / added values


When designing PHYSEC’s solutions, we took individual adaptability into consideration.


Established structures ensure fast processing of your requests and requests.


We have implemented numerous solutions over the years. Whatever you have in mind, please contact us!


Our customer service offers uncomplicated processes.


Our employees are highly trained and bring expertise from a wide range of areas.


Both the systems and the work processes of PHYSEC can be relied upon.

Consulting on digitalization in the utility industry

With our roots in cutting-edge research, active participation in BSI and BMWi task forces, and several years of experience in the field of digitalization of critical infrastructures, we provide expert advice on all issues related to the digitalization of your supply networks.

Expert Talk LoRaWAN® Quick Start

When planning the digitalization of supply networks or the development of smart city concepts on the basis of LoRaWAN®, a large number of questions arise for public utilities and municipalities. At PHYSEC, we have recognized that many public utilities and municipalities have a need for extensive consulting that goes far beyond a sales pitch and considers the individual local needs and circumstances.

During a discussion with one of our LoRaWAN® experts, we will be happy to clarify with you all your questions about LoRaWAN® and regulated use cases. Our goal is to bring you to a level of knowledge that will enable you to make an informed decision about starting a LoRaWAN® pilot project. By doing so, we save you from doing a lot of research on your own.

Expert talk Secure digitalization

The digitalization of supply networks makes new business models possible, but at the same time also increases the target surface that can be exploited by attackers. A security concept helps you to document important fundamental decisions and considerations. In some cases, these are also required by law. We are happy to help you with the risk analysis, the security concept or with the data protection concept.

Expert talk Market Development

The market for measurement technology and network operating equipment in the area of supply networks is mainly determined by regulatory policy at national and European levels. For utilities, this means that in addition to the current regulatory framework, the upcoming regulatory framework is also of great importance when making investments. Otherwise, there is a risk of bad investments in outdated technology shortly after the rollout.

Through our active participation in BSI and BMWi task forces on the topics of smart metering, smart meter gateway and smart grid, we are always up to date on the upcoming regulatory situation. We are happy to share this knowledge with you - in the context of an expert talk. In this way, we help you to make sensible long-term decisions regarding the digitalization of your network infrastructure and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What our network says

Stadtwerke Göttingen Service

"The cooperation with PHYSEC is a great enrichment for us. The continuous support and the direct exchange enable us to digitize the metering system quickly and reliably. PHYSEC's comprehensive understanding of its IoTree® platform has led to the creation, implementation and further development of the Heat Efficiency Package."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

MIT Technology Review

"These young German innovators show an impressive combination of entrepreneurial and scientific-technical skills and are developing a technology with the potential to impact the world."

MIT Technology Review

Secunet Security Networks AG

"In the future of loT and edge computing, it will be more and more difficult to ensure that physical assets are protected by their operational environment. So we clearly see the need for a self-defending system based on PHYSEC's innovative surveillance technology."

Secunet Security Networks AG

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Built for Utilities

PHYSEC has a wealth of experience in securing assets for utility companies, effectively addressing the industry's needs and challenges.

Built for OEMs

Thanks to our great expertise in embedded security, OEM companies can shift their attention towards their use cases.

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

Our LoRaWAN® Starter Project provides an opportunity to set up LoRaWAN® network quickly and efficiently.

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