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Secure communication between IoT device and digital service platform is the decisive factor for the sustainable and scalable digitalisation of your products on the Internet of Things today. In the future, tamper protection for IoT devices and supply chain security verification will also be important issues. Whether you are CRITIS company or company that operates with personal data (healthcare, smart home, etc.), PHYSEC takes care of IoT security, allowing you to fully focus on your business.

Your advantages with PHYSEC as a partner

In good hands

In good hands: Leading in IoT security and compliance


Digital: Enabling digital business models

Low risk: Use of agile methods

Low risk: Use of agile methods

Short development times

Quick Development: Pre-built solutions for connectivity, compliance, and security


Simple: Standardized Integration


Individual: Flexible solutions and White-Label


Interdisciplinary expertise for individual solutions

Some of the world's leading companies rely on PHYSEC technology to secure networked products. You will find our products in the areas of sensors/actuators, measurement devices, industry and many other use cases up to household electronics. The optimal IoT security strategy for your product is determined by technology, regulation, market requirements and use case.

Collage of solar panels, windmills an transmission towers

Smart Grid

Maximum efficiency and minimum risk with PHYSEC MOV3 - the ultimate IoT security solution for critical infrastructures. Our advanced technology secures your networks and data.

Forest with various small icons of elements belonging to critical infrastructure.

Smart City

Maximum efficiency and minimum risk with PHYSEC MOV3 - the ultimate IoT security solution for critical infrastructures. Our advanced technology secures your networks and data.

Bird's-eye view of a city where several houses are connected to symbolize smart metering and remote meter reading.

Smart Metering

Remote meter reading offers cost savings potential and enables new business models. Data protection-compliant transmission of personal or reference data is crucial for sustainability

Regulatory expertise

Because legal requirements are the basis

The Internet of Things is characterized by rapid technological change. The constantly changing state of the art as well as the regulation on European or German level and for certain industries, lead to a complex web of dynamically changing challenges, especially for products that are used in regulated areas. For instance, standards like ISO27001, KRITIS Dachgestz and agencies like BSI-TR, ENISA are relevant in the critical infrastructure industry.

Our solutions

Our innovative products are based on PHYSEC's holistic approach to security on the Internet of Things. The central building block is our IoT platform - IoTree®. It serves as a security hub and provides all the key functions your customers need for convenient management of IoT hardware in the field and for processing the collected data. At the same time, IoTree® represents the software complement for our SIoT module. Implemented in your hardware products, the SIoT module provides end-to-end TLS encryption for LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT and also enables effective tamper protection of the hardware during transport and in the field.

PHYSEC logo and symbols for the functions of IoTree

Product IoTree®

IoTree® is our IoT platform designed with a clear focus on security. IoTree® serves as an interface that allows you to use data collected in the physical world digitally in IoT applications and processes.

Lock with the WiFi symbol over it

Product SEAL

The distinctive technology of PHYSEC's SEAL fosters essential confidence in vulnerable settings and facilitates the transition to digitalisation from a Cyber-Physical Security (CPS) standpoint.

What our network says

Stadtwerke Göttingen Service

"The cooperation with PHYSEC is a great enrichment for us. The continuous support and the direct exchange enable us to digitize the metering system quickly and reliably. PHYSEC's comprehensive understanding of its IoTree® platform has led to the creation, implementation and further development of the Heat Efficiency Package."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

Stadtwerke Göttingen IoTree

"Connecting remotely readable heat meters to PHYSEC's IoTree® platform enabled us to significantly reduce average flow and return temperatures and volume flow in our district heating networks. These optimizations result in high annual cost savings."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

Secunet Security Networks AG

"In the future of loT and edge computing, it will be more and more difficult to ensure that physical assets are protected by their operational environment. So we clearly see the need for a self-defending system based on PHYSEC's innovative surveillance technology."

Secunet Security Networks AG

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IoTree® is a best-in-class software that enables companies to collect and analyze real-world data, allowing for process optimization.


As a result of PHYSEC’s deep technological research, SEAL offers advantages to any business engaged in securing physical assets.

LoRaWAN® Infrastructure

Our LoRaWAN® Starter Project provides an opportunity to set up LoRaWAN® network quickly and efficiently.

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