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Security for the Internet of Things

Always one step ahead

The Internet of Things is a new technology paradigm consisting of a global network of machines and devices with the ability to interact with each other. Due to the significant increases in efficiency, increasing business areas are becoming dependent on the technology. This dependency makes IoT applications a lucrative target for attackers, which is why security issues need to be considered from the start.



We, PHYSEC GmbH, are a young deep-tech company from Bochum. As a spin-off of the renowned Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security (HGI) in Bochum, we look at IoT security holistically from the perspective of research, regulatory authorities and industry. We develop key technologies necessary for the full development of the powerful potential of the new technology paradigm.

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About us

Innovative and performance-oriented

Our largest business area is the economically efficient and secure digitalisation of infrastructures in the energy and water industries. We not only offer our customers state-of-the-art transmission technologies, we also offer solutions for their safe use in regulated areas. In contrast to the widespread standard solutions, compliance with the relevant industry standards and the requirements of the GDPR, the BSI and ENISA is not a problem with PHYSEC. This makes us the right partner for municipal utilities when it comes to the secure digitalisation of supply networks.


PHYSEC founders Christian Zenger and Heiko Koepke

The success story

In 2016, Christian Zenger and Heiko Koepke founded our company, which manufactures industry-leading products, employs 45 people and has received multiple awards.

Winding tower of the German Mining Museum in Bochum


Our in-depth knowledge of communications technology and applied cryptography forms the basis of our solutions. Learn more about Physical Layer Security and why it's so important for the Internet of Things.

Corporate Culture

Ambition, a culture of error that encourages innovation, respect and support - on this basis, we create a motivating and inspiring working environment for people who want to make a difference.

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LoRa Alliance® Member

As a member of the LoRa Alliance®, we have access at all times to the expertise and resources of the ever-growing eco-system.

Career at PHYSEC

Creating great things together

As a growing tech company, we are constantly looking for people to strengthen our young team and contribute their expertise. Apply to us and take the opportunity to shape the future of the IoT in a flexible working environment. We offer space for creativity, innovation and self-realization.


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Job descriptions

Our interdisciplinary team consists of security engineers, security analysts, IT specialists, RF developers, marketing professionals, HR managers and finance experts.

Working at PHYSEC

Find out more about what working in our ambitious and international team with flat hierarchies looks like. With us, employees and their ideas and suggestions are individually promoted.

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Here we give an insight into our departments.

PHYSEC insights - Always one step ahead of the state of the art

Due to our roots and continuous research in the IT security field, it is in the nature of PHYSEC to be one step ahead of the state of the art in IoT security. Our renowned research partners (e.g. Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy Horst-Görtz-Institute) help us to be one step ahead of the state of the art.


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Updates and further insights into the work of PHYSEC GmbH.

An employee connects many different people in a virtually projected network.

Customer service

Creating great things together.

A blue world map with a protective shield by PHYSEC, which protects networks.


Find out what makes PHYSEC so successful.

Winding tower of the German Mining Museum in Bochum

Public Product Roadmap

Find out how our vision of a secure Internet of Things becomes reality through our product.


IT security Podcast.

Our employees say

Benedikt Hirschfelder

"Mind-blowing Company! Super employees, motivating and very interesting projects, future-oriented and sustainable. Hooked!"

Benedikt Hirschfelder PhD
Head of Marketing, Sales and CRM 

Yuliia Mykytenko

"PHYSEC is a fast growing company and a great employer! The management team really cares about each individual, welcomes creativity and sets a good example. The superiors are very friendly and supportive."

Yuliia Mykytenko
Marketing Manager

Niclas Dern

"There are no limits for me at PHYSEC. I can familiarise myself with new, exciting topics, receive targeted support and can take on responsibility."

Niclas Dern
Student Assistant