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PHYSEC and Renesas collaborate for new security solution


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A secure and connected future  

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. By connecting physical devices and systems, the IoT enables seamless communication and automation that significantly increases efficiency and convenience. From smart home devices to connected vehicles and medical devices, the number of IoT devices will increase from over 15 billion today to 42 billion by 2025. 

However, as connectivity increases, so does the attack surface for cyber criminals. Global security experts predict a 300% increase in cyberattacks by 2025, particularly on critical infrastructure.

PHYSEC SEAL® powered by Renesas 

Connecting devices and systems securely and thus making life more efficient and sustainable is a focus that PHYSEC and Renesas share. From this context, a partnership has developed that combines PHYSEC's innovative security solutions with Renesas' advanced semiconductor technology to ensure robust and effective protection for IoT and critical infrastructures. 

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PHYSEC SEAL®: Holistic security solution with Renesas hardware 

At PHYSEC, we take a holistic approach to cyber security and have developed a security solution that combines cyber and physical security in an innovative way. Thanks to its unique anti-tamper radio technology, PHYSEC SEAL® creates the necessary trust in insecure environments and enables digitalization from a cyber-physical security (CPS) perspective. 

This holistic security solution protects systems that are exposed to a significant risk of cyber-physical attacks such as tampering, sabotage and vandalism. Thanks to the Renesas RZ/G2L chip, the solution can be installed in existing assets and is ready for immediate use. 

PHYSEC SEAL® is therefore ideal for securing critical infrastructures in remote and difficult-to-protect environments. 

Applications of PHYSEC SEAL®

PHYSEC SEAL® offers a wide range of applications in various sectors: 

  • EV charging station 

  • Water booster station 

  • Power distribution cabinet 

  • Substation 

  • Mobile radio base station 

  • Data center and server cabinet 

  • ATMs 

  • OT assets in general 

  • Target markets and applications 

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The result of PHYSEC's technological research, SEAL offers advantages for any company involved in the protection of material assets. 

Built for OEMs

Thanks to our vast expertise in embedded security, OEM companies can focus their attention on their use cases. 

Built for Utilities

PHYSEC has extensive experience in securing assets for public utilities and can effectively address the challenges of the industry. 


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