To our industrial and academic partners, we provide access to PHYSEC’s technology demonstrator. It is tailored for channel state information evaluation that provides the opportunity to gain knowledge of the research area of Physical-Layer Security.

Potential applications are secure generation and provisioning of secret cryptographic keys (Channel Reciprocity based Key Generation, CRKG) and prevention of relay attacks (Channel Reciprocity based Relay Detection, CRRD).

Advantages of our Demonstrator


  • Ready to use and easy to start
  • Bidirectional measurements performed within < 0.5 milliseconds
  • Native support of different wireless standards, e.g. IEEE 802.15.4
  • Real time evaluation on one central computer
  • Intuitive data visualization und processing in Python

Demonstrator Description

To facilitate the further processing, our demonstrator provides the measurement of different wireless standards, e.g. IEEE 802.15.4. It provides the corresponding results for each node both in spread sheets as well as data sockets, which can easily be read out.

Furthermore, our demonstrator visualizes the measurement data, its statistics, and information-theoretical measures in real-time. This is done for all steps required for secret key establishment.

Since visualization and evaluation are performed in real time, you can test our system in your own environment.

Physical prevention of Relay Attacks

Taking advantage of physical channel information, our demonstrator is able to detect and prevent relay attacks on keyless remote entry systems, like car keys.

Key Generation for Smart Home Environments

To establish a secret key between two parties, e.g. a smart home central station and a sensor node, our technology extracts keys out of the symmetric wireless channel.

With continuously re-keying we cannot only achieve Perfect-Forward-Secrecy (PFS), but can also defeat side-channel attacks.

Video Demonstration



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