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Key diversification with PHYSEC (3 min)

In this short video we explain the three current approaches to the generation, distribution and storage of cryptographic keys. The first approach relies on pre-programmed keys, the second approach employs "public key infrastructures" to allow individual key generation by each device. The new apporach (PHYSEC-KeyGen software) starts with pre-programmed keys and automatically diversifies these in the field based on local context information.

With these attributes, the third generation of solutions offered by PHYSEC GmbH combines all the advantages (simplicity, high resilience) of both prior generations while sharing none of their weaknesses.

Secure Pairing with PHYSEC (1:30 min)

In this short video Christian shows how easy it is to pair an embedded device with a router with the help of a smartphone. For this, he uses a demonstrator app we have developed for the smart phone.

The router, the pairing hardware and the embedded device (a TI cc2531-based hardware module with an 8-bit processor) are all running PHYSEC-ProPair to enable pairing functionality. Furthermore, we have also integrated PHYSEC-KeyGen into the router and embedded devices so that keys are always regenerated.

The combination of both solutions makes authenticating devices and distributing keys easy and secure.