Physical-Layer Security
We provide solutions to securely establish connections between physical structures and the digital world.

Tam­per Proofing Com­mo­di­ty Hard­ware

Vir­tu­al Pro­of of Rea­li­ty
Remo­te Assess­ment of Phy­si­cal State­ments

Zero-Inter­ac­tion Key Genera­ti­on
Relay Pre­ven­ti­on and Device Authen­ti­ca­ti­on

Applications for Physical Integrity Assessment

IT Systems

  • Hard­ware Secu­ri­ty Modu­les
  • VPN Boxes
  • Cloud Ser­vers
  • ATMs
  • Net­work Peri­phe­ry (Rou­ter, Swit­ches, etc.)
  • IoT Devices

OT Systems

  • Machi­ne Con­trol Modu­les
  • Sys­tems of Cri­ti­cal Infra­st­ruc­tures
  • Power Plant Con­trol Sys­tems
  • Radio Base Sta­ti­ons
  • Smart Meters
  • Electric Vehi­cle Char­ging Sta­ti­ons


  • Chain of Cus­to­dy
  • Con­tai­ners
  • Car­go Bay
  • Sto­rage Faci­li­ties / Silos
  • Bank Vaults
  • Bar­rels

We provide a managed solution for remote assessment of physical integrity and detection of any intrusion, unauthorized removal, or tampering. Our current solutions are based on disordered electromagnetic systems. The advantage of such structures (3D arrangements of mesoscopic and macroscopic objects) is their higher random information content in comparison with integrated circuits, since they are three-dimensional.