IT-security for Embedded Systems

At the Embed­ded World in Nürn­berg, the inter­na­tio­nal lea­ding fair for embed­ded sys­tems, our foun­der and CEO Dr. Chris­ti­an Zen­ger gave a lec­tu­re on it-secu­ri­ty and pro­duct pira­cy in the Inter­net of Things (IoT).

When it comes to the digi­tiz­a­ti­on of smart pro­ducts, inte­gri­ty, con­fi­den­tia­li­ty and secu­ri­ty are often not suf­fi­ci­ent­ly con­si­de­red by manu­fac­tu­rers – alt­hough espe­cial­ly pri­va­cy and data secu­ri­ty are con­si­de­red as cri­ti­cal suc­cess fac­tors. The chal­len­ges of deploy­ed secu­ri­ty sys­tems often lie in device authen­ti­ca­ti­on and key estab­lish­ment. Dr. Zen­ger pre­sen­ted an over­view over dif­fe­rent cate­go­ries of key manage­ment and resul­ting advan­ta­ges and dis­ad­van­ta­ges. The goal was to iden­ti­fy a solu­ti­on that redu­ces the secu­ri­ty risk, has a good cost-value ratio and is at the same time fle­xi­ble and long-term operational.

The Internet of Things: At the area of conflict between simplicity and security

At the 13. Pader­bor­ner day of IT-secu­ri­ty Dr. Chris­ti­an Zen­ger infor­med about estab­lis­hed and new secu­ri­ty solu­ti­ons for the digi­tiz­a­ti­on of IoT pro­ducts – ide­al­ly, sim­pli­ci­ty and secu­ri­ty are inte­gra­ted in sui­ta­ble solu­ti­ons. The con­fe­rence took place from 21.–22. March at Uni­ver­si­ty of Pader­born and offers infor­ma­ti­on and expe­ri­ence exchan­ge about chal­len­ges and solu­ti­ons for cur­rent IT-security-problems.

Digitization and security for the building of the future 

At this year’s inter­sec con­fe­rence for net­wor­ked safe­ty engi­nee­ring at Frank­furt, Dr. Chris­ti­an Zen­ger pre­sen­ted new secu­ri­ty solu­ti­ons for the intel­li­gent key manage­ment in the IoT ecosystem.