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Public Product Roadmap

Our product roadmap shows you how our vision of a secure IoT becomes a reality through our product. We present selected features, epics and research that we are working on, what stage they are at, and when we expect to make them available to you.



PHYSEC conducts research in three directions:

PHYSEC conducts research in three directions:

1. Secure Hardware

Secure hardware and trusted electronics include security solutions for checking the integrity of hardware components throughout the entire supply chain.

2. Secure communication

In the field of secure communication, PHYSEC is researching ways to make energy-saving (LoraWAN) but also highly efficient technologies (5G) for secure communication suitable for the future.

3. Usable Security and Privacy

Safety measures often have a direct and sometimes negative impact on product quality, usability quality, process quality and structural quality. Usable Security & Privacy refers to methods for designing security and privacy-enhancing measures in such a way that their users and developers are supported in the best possible way in their security or data protection-relevant goals and projects.