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Automated reading

Submetering is the process of collecting consumption and condition data from individual user units in multi-tenant properties and using this data for billing purposes. While this market has been dominated by large metering service providers in the past, new regulation and technologies offer opportunities for emerging market players. We can help you tap into this lucrative market.


Advantages / added value

Benefit from our proven solutions. Based on our past and ongoing projects for the digitalization of consumption data, we will work with you in advance to develop a realistic assessment of the added value you can expect from our solution. We have already been able to realize the following benefits for our customers:


Revenues outside regulated network operations

Revenues outside regulated network operations


Geringer Zusatzaufwand für Stadtwerke (copy 1)

Low additional expenditure for municipal utilities


No meter reading errors

No meter reading errors


Fully automatic remote reading

Fully automatic remote reading


Savings potential for tenants and landlords

Savings potential for tenants and landlords


Nutzung bestehender Geschäftsbeziehungen (copy 1)

Leveraging existing business relationships


Developing new business areas

Individual consumption billing is now mandatory for landlords. For this purpose, the individual consumption of each rental unit is determined via heat cost allocators and hot water meters, so-called submeters. According to §5 HeizkostenV, these submeters must be remotely readable for new installations and replacements from December 2021. Manufacturer-independent radio solutions are prescribed for this purpose. This means that LoRaWAN-capable submeters can also be used. With the help of their own LoRaWAN network, municipal utilities can expand their service portfolio, which can then be used not only for remote reading of the house connection, but also for submetering within the apartments.


Efficient remote reading

Via PHYSEC's IoT service platform IoTree, the consumption data can be fed directly into the billing software and transmitted to the homeowner. The remote reading of the submeter readings is fully automatic, so that no additional personnel is required, and no errors can creep in during the reading. The readings are taken automatically on the exact date. If required, e.g. in the event of a change of tenant, the reading can also be triggered at the push of a button.


What our network says

Unternehmen 1

"With PHYSEC, we have quickly and reliably set up a LoRaWAN network and put several use cases into operation on the IoTree data hub. We have been able to track short-circuit events in our medium-voltage network since 2018 and monitor the low-voltage network since 2019."

Municipal Utilities
Haltern am See GmbH

Unternehmen 2

"The cooperation with PHYSEC is a great enrichment for us. The continuous support and the direct exchange enable us to digitize the metering system quickly and reliably. PHYSEC's comprehensive understanding of its IoTree platform has led to the creation, implementation and further development of the Heat Efficiency Package."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

Unternehmen 3

"The cooperation between Gelsenwasser AG and PHYSEC GmbH is always constructive, characterized by a very high level of technical competence and an open, trusting relationship with each other. With this background, we have already successfully implemented the LoRa®TLS project for efficient remote meter reading, which we will continue to develop together in the future."

Gelsenwasser AG

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IoTree Features

With its high flexibility and diverse features, IoTree particularly supports utility industry users in implementing efficient and intuitive management of IoT hardware and related infrastructure.


Find out here how our experts can support you around the digitization of your utility infrastructure and the associated regulatory framework.

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