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Setup Options

IoTree can be installed in the cloud or on your local server infrastructure. If you opt for hosting in the cloud, we take care of all aspects of operation for you. If you choose to install it on your local server infrastructure, your IT or existing IT service provider will run it.


Cloud Setup

With Cloud Setup, the IoTree service platform is hosted on our cloud infrastructure. You get the full functionality of IoTree and we take care of all tasks related to operation, maintenance, backups and updates. For you, this means less internal IT effort and the security of an optimally maintained IT infrastructure. Of course, we only use German data centers, which are certified according to ISO 27001.100% DSGVO-compliant.


On Premises Setup

With an On Premises installation, the IoTree service platform is hosted on your own IT infrastructure. We provide your IT or your IT service provider with the software for this purpose. All aspects relating to the installation of updates, operation of the infrastructure and maintenance and updates are therefore your responsibility. The advantage of an On Premises installation is that your data does not leave your own infrastructure. Full data sovereignty.

What our network says

Unternehmen 1

"With PHYSEC, we have quickly and reliably set up a LoRaWAN network and put several use cases into operation on the IoTree data hub. We have been able to track short-circuit events in our medium-voltage network since 2018 and monitor the low-voltage network since 2019."

Municipal Utilities
Haltern am See GmbH

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"The cooperation with PHYSEC is a great enrichment for us. The continuous support and the direct exchange enable us to digitize the metering system quickly and reliably. PHYSEC's comprehensive understanding of its IoTree platform has led to the creation, implementation and further development of the Heat Efficiency Package."

Municipal Utilities
Goettingen AG

Unternehmen 3

"The cooperation between Gelsenwasser AG and PHYSEC GmbH is always constructive, characterized by a very high level of technical competence and an open, trusting relationship with each other. With this background, we have already successfully implemented the LoRa®TLS project for efficient remote meter reading, which we will continue to develop together in the future."

Gelsenwasser AG

More about IoTree


With its high flexibility and diverse features, IoTree particularly supports utility industry users in implementing efficient and intuitive management of IoT hardware and related infrastructure.


Do you want to digitalize your meter network? Get in touch with our digitalzation experts and find the optimal digitization solution for your applications. Make the IoTree platform your trusted companion in digitization.

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Dennis Hinterkircher (M.Sc.)

Solution / Sales Engineer Utilities


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