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Digitalization of critical infrastructure

In order for companies defined as critical infrastructures to implement use cases in the context of the Internet of Things, other industry-specific regulations must be observed in addition to the general requirements.


Advantages / added value

of the digitalization of critical infrastructure

Increased efficiency and shorter process cycle times

Increased efficiency and shorter process cycle times

Meter reading error prevention

Meter reading error prevention

Immediate availability of data

Immediate availability of data

Cost reduction through automation

Cost reduction through automation

Increase of customer comfort and satisfaction

Increase of customer comfort and satisfaction

Optimization potential immediately recognizable

Optimization potential immediately recognizable


The market potential for IoT products in this industry is huge. From the areas of critical infrastructures, remote meter reading and submetering, to unregulated use cases, economic added value can be sustainably realized. Not all IoT products in this industry are subject to BSI regulation and the relevant industry-specific regulations (FFVAV, Heat Cost Ordinance, Metering Point Operation Act, etc.) or "EU Security Assurance Levels High" for critical infrastructures.

Information technology and telecommunications

The proliferation of edge computing structures will enable a wide range of new potentials to be exploited. However, new challenges and dangers are not absent from this development. Protection of the individual hardware components is an elementary aspect of the security concept and is required in standards and certifications such as FIPS 140-2, ISO27001 and the basic IT protection catalogs of the BSI. For use in critical infrastructures, the products must also meet the basic requirements of the BSI and the "EU Security Assurance Level High". We offer you the solution to ensure your IT security even for decentralized locations.


Industry 4.0

There is currently a real race to digitize production processes. A particular obstacle for European companies is the risk of data leaks, which can make production vulnerable and destroy special competitive advantages. In order not to lose the race and at the same time to avoid dangerous data leaks, secure IoT connectivity of all deployed products and components is more important than ever. Efficient implementation of the requirements of the "EU Security Assurance Levels Substanable" is the key to a strong competitive position and sustainable services.


Consumer IoT

Smart home objects make households intelligent and facilitate everyday life for residents. For example, users can control their heating system via a cell phone app or call up recordings from their surveillance camera on the go. But it's not just users who benefit - the technology approaches also offer manufacturers new opportunities, for example for remote maintenance by installers and in after-sales. The market research institute Juniper Research expects at least one billion networked devices worldwide by 2022.

IoT products for private applications are generally subject to high cost pressure and low technical user expertise. Efficient implementation of the requirements of the "EU Security Assurance Levels Basic" is the key to a strong competitive position and sustainable services.

What our network says

Quote 1

"The cooperation with PHYSEC is a great enrichment for us. The seamless support and the direct exchange enable us to digitize the meter system quickly and securely. Due to the comprehensive understanding of PHYSEC with its platform loTree, the heat efficiency package was created, implemented and further developed. During the rollout, further exciting use cases were created that are being worked on continuously".

Municipal Utilities Goettingen AG

Quote 2

"These young German innovators show an impressive combination of entrepreneurial and scientific-technical skills and are developing a technology with the potential to impact the world."

MIT Technology Review

Quote 3

"We have been working and developing together with PHYSEC in the field of the Internet of Things since 2018. Together we quickly and reliably set up a comprehensive LoRaWAN network within Bochum and use the data hub 'IoTree' to visualize and evaluate received data - without making any compromises in the area of IT security."

Municipal Utilities Bochum Netz GmbH

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IoTree is our IoT platform designed with a clear focus on security. IoTree serves as an interface that allows you to use data collected in the physical world digitally in IoT applications and processes.

Secure LPWAN

PHYSEC is the inventor and patent holder of TLS over LoRaWAN, a new standard for Internet connected products. By integrating our SIoT module into your product, we provide TLS encryption over LoRaWAN or NB-IoT as well as the entire key generation, key establishment and key management process.

Tamper protection and secure supply chain

Based on the SIoT module, additional security functions can be implemented with the Anti Tamper Radio (ATR) chip, such as protection against manipulation of the product during operation or across the supply chain.

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