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Digi­tiz­a­ti­on offers a varie­ty of oppor­tu­nities, espe­cial­ly for uti­li­ties, to imple­ment new busi­ness models, redu­ce cos­ts and streng­t­hen regio­nal visi­bi­li­ty. The Inter­net of Things is the dri­ver for the­se deve­lo­p­ments, which are based on wire­less tech­no­lo­gies such as LoRa­WAN. Howe­ver, nume­rous inci­dents illus­tra­te that the thre­ats from cyber­space are a rea­li­ty. — PHYSEC GmbH has made it its busi­ness to secu­re cri­ti­cal infra­st­ruc­tures against cyber attacks. To meet the high CRITIS secu­ri­ty requi­re­ments, we have deve­lo­ped a tailor-made secu­ri­ty lay­er for LoRa­WAN. We have alrea­dy sup­por­ted a lar­ge num­ber of com­pa­nies from the uti­li­ty indus­try (inclu­ding Gel­sen­was­ser AG, Stadt­wer­ke Bochum, Stadt­wer­ke Hal­tern, Stadt­wer­ke Göt­tin­gen) in set­ting up their own LoRa­WAN net­works and imple­men­ting busi­ness models.

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LoRa­WAN is a Low Power Wide Area Net­work (LPWAN) stan­dard for wire­less bat­te­ry powe­red sys­tems in a regio­nal net­work. LoRa­WAN aims at the most important requi­re­ments of the Inter­net of Things — such as bidi­rec­tio­n­al com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, loca­li­sa­ti­on and mobi­li­ty of services.


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On the basis of an own LoRa­WAN infra­st­ruc­tu­re, Smart City app­li­ca­ti­ons can be imple­men­ted. This inclu­des, for examp­le, par­king space manage­ment, ener­gy manage­ment in public buil­dings, was­te dis­po­sal, air qua­li­ty mea­su­re­ment, emer­gen­cy rou­te moni­to­ring or the infra­st­ruc­tu­ral impro­ve­ment of schools. In addi­ti­on, app­li­ca­ti­ons in the area of cri­ti­cal infra­st­ruc­tures can also be easi­ly imple­men­ted on the basis of our “TLS over LoRa­WAN” pro­duct, so that net­work infra­st­ruc­tures can be moni­to­red and smart mete­ring can be imple­men­ted cost-effectively.

Here we explain the first steps:

Slide n a first con­ver­sa­ti­on we iden­ti­fy tog­e­ther bene­fi­cial
use cases. For examp­le, auto­ma­ted shaft meter rea­ding alrea­dy offers gre­at bene­fits.
Ano­t­her good examp­le is the low and medi­um vol­ta­ge net­work moni­to­ring.
From the idea to the project 

In addi­ti­on to work­shops tailo­red to your needs, we will also car­ry out a field test tog­e­ther. For this pur­po­se we install equip­ment and ensu­re the inte­gra­ti­on into your pro­ces­ses and sys­tems. Pro­of of Con­cept and field test 

As an owner of dis­tri­bu­t­ed real esta­te, you can easi­ly beco­me a local LoRa­WAN infra­st­ruc­tu­re pro­vi­der. We are hap­py to pro­vi­de the necessa­ry soft­ware and hard­ware as well as staff trai­ning and ser­vices. For examp­le, the simu­la­ti­on of the plan­ned LoRa­WAN net­work to iden­ti­fy opti­mal gate­way loca­ti­ons. Infra­st­ruc­tu­re pro­vi­ders?

You can use any plat­form for real-time visua­liz­a­ti­on, device manage­ment and pro­cess map­ping. We are also hap­py to pro­vi­de our IoTree ser­vice plat­form for this pur­po­se. Inte­gra­ti­on of your own IoTree ser­vice plat­form

Slide In the final sta­ge, the net­work will be expan­ded and fur­ther app­li­ca­ti­ons will be suc­ces­si­ve­ly inte­gra­ted. To ensu­re that the net­work remains sta­ble in the long term, we are crea­ting a digi­tal twin, which will, for examp­le, iden­ti­fy the need for addi­tio­nal gate­ways at an ear­ly sta­ge. Sca­ling and ope­ra­ti­on of your LoRa­WAN net­work

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