Channel-based key generation

 A new era of IT-security:
ressource efficient, long-term-secure, easy to use

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Dr. Christian Zenger

Dr. Christian Zenger


Dr. Chris­ti­an Zen­ger is CEO and foun­der of PHYSEC GmbH. He is born in colo­gne and came over Bos­ten to Bochum. Dr. Zen­ger deve­lo­pes infor­­ma­­ti­on-theo­­re­­ti­­cal and radio chan­­nel-bases secu­ri­ty solu­ti­ons and is inven­tor of various wire­less phy­­si­­cal-lay­er-secu­­ri­­ty pro­ce­du­res for the IoT eco­sys­tem.


PGP – key: 40E72681

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