With IoTree, IoT-Devices finally connect
securely and authentically with your
cloud, even via non-trusted gateways or

To inte­grate IoTree into your pro­duc­tion process,
there is no inter­rup­tion of your pro­duc­tion process nec­es­sary.
IoTree is inte­grable into
pilot projects as well as large-scale

counterfeit protection

IoTree makes it pos­si­ble to ver­i­fy
authen­tic­i­ty and con­fi­den­tial­i­ty of your
Hard­ware. We gen­er­ate Keys client-sided
to pro­vide impor­tant secu­ri­ty objec­tives.

The IoTree Middleware is platform-

IoTree allows con­nect­ing with the ser­vice
plat­forms of your choice. Thanks to the
REST­ful-API, it is com­plete­ly future-
proof. The IoTree App-Plu­g­in assures
time-sav­ing Inte­gra­tion into your
Appli­ca­tions. It is flex­i­ble and
cus­tomiz­able so that it fits per­fect­ly to
your demands.


Con­sid­er­ing the desired appli­ca­tion
process­es, we com­bine end-to-end
encryp­tion, authen­tifi­ca­tion, and key

network standards

IoTree is com­pat­i­ble with all com­mon
net­work stan­dards, for exam­ple, WLAN,
Zig­Bee, LoRa, WPAN, NB-IoT and many
more. IoTree is already used in dif­fer­ent
sce­nar­ios. Here are some exam­ples of
IoTree in pro­duc­tion:

PHYSEC’s example projects:

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Jan Zimmer

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