PHYSEC Technology – Physical Integrity Verification

Verifying the integrity of devices, systems and locations.

In 2018, we won first prize at the 7th German IT Security Award for our technology and the development of the Enclosure PUF. The concept enables the integrity of computer systems and their peripherals to be verified by using electromagnetic wave propagation effects.


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Dr. Christian Zenger

Dr. Christian Zenger


Dr. Chris­ti­an Zen­ger is CEO and foun­der of PHYSEC GmbH. He is born in colo­gne and came over Bos­ten to Bochum. Dr. Zen­ger deve­lo­pes infor­­ma­­ti­on-theo­­re­­ti­­cal and radio chan­­nel-bases secu­ri­ty solu­ti­ons and is inven­tor of various wire­less phy­­si­­cal-lay­er-secu­­ri­­ty pro­ce­du­res for the IoT eco­sys­tem.


PGP – key: 40E72681

You can down­load Chris­ti­an Zenger’s dis­ser­ta­ti­on right here

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