PHYSEC has its origin in the cutting-edge research of "Physical Layer Security" and is a spin-off Horst-Görtz-Institut for IT Security. Therefore, the company has the same name as the technology based on which we offer products. We secure the Internet of Things.

Our unique selling point is the unique combination of applied cryptography and communications engineering and our distinctive expertise in this area. This makes PHYSEC one of a kind and creates innovative security solutions for applications in the Internet of Things. Founded in April 2016, we have the vision to protect every IoT device in this world with our technology. We are IoT security pioneers and with our platform IoTree, we create the foundation for digital empowerment of businesses and citizens as well as sustainable digitalization and added value in the Internet of Things.

"Our mission is to protect the entire IoT ecosystem, therefore we aim to make PHYSEC the internationally recognized standard and Physical Layer Security the fundamental technology for all cyber-physical devices.

Looking to the future, we are therefore monitoring the strategic developments of the world markets and our increasingly digital society and are focusing our business specifically on IT security. Our innovative solutions and products are already providing answers to the complex challenges of the coming years."

Dr. Christian Zenger

The origin of our idea

Dr. Christian Zenger and Dr. Heiko Koepke met in 2014 during an entrepreneurship workshop at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. At the time, Dr Christian Zenger had published outstanding research results for new security technology in the field of cyber-physical security. Together with Dr Heiko Koepke, who contributes expert knowledge in the fields of financial controlling, entrepreneurship, and innovation management, the starting signal for the joint venture was given.

What motivates us

We are motivated by the conviction that we have the potential to become the global market leader for trustworthy electronics and security solutions for the Internet of Things. Another source of motivation is our strong team, which stands up for each other and achieves great accomplishments together.

Our target groups

With our innovative technologies and services, we particularly target users and manufacturers from sectors where cyber-physical security is of high importance. Currently, these are especially critical infrastructures and large-scale industries.

Values have a high priority at PHYSEC

Values are ethically and morally respected and desirable characteristics of a person. Thought patterns, beliefs, and action patterns, but also success and failure arise from the values of everyone. As individuals have values, so do groups of people and thus companies. Our corporate values provide decision-making, behavioral and operational orientation for the entire team.


Integrity and trustworthiness towards all stakeholders is the foundation of good business and interpersonal relationships. We actively live these values within the framework of honest and transparent communication, both internally and externally. We place great emphasis on always being true to our word and being a reliable partner.


We are the innovation leader in the field of IoT security and would like to maintain this position in the future. From visionary ideas, we develop intelligent solutions and groundbreaking innovations that set standards in the industry. For us, innovation also means constantly improving or even revolutionizing our processes, products and services.


We consistently set measurable and very ambitious goals within the team and approach breakthrough targets with a high level of commitment. Additional to striving for success regarding our objectives, we always strive for excellence in the efficiency of our implementation.

Error Culture

We accept mistakes in favor of courage, independence and proactivity. We avoid blame and always respond appropriately, working through mistakes as a team and learning from the experience.



We are ambitious. We set ourselves goals that challenge us. We encourage ourselves to acquire new knowledge, skills and competence and to grow beyond ourselves with more responsibility and tasks. In this way, we shape the continuous innovation process of PHYSEC and will cross international borders with our company.

We are excellent at what we do!


Gründerpreis NRW

The GRÜNDERPREIS NRW is one of the most highly endowed competitions in Germany for innovative and thriving founders, successors, and freelancers.

Deutscher IT-Sicherheitspreis

Since 2006, the Horst Görtz Foundation awards the German Prize for cyber security every two years. It contributes to strengthening and promoting Germany's position in the field of cyber security.

ECS STARtup Award

The European Cybersecurity STARtup Award was created to increase the awareness and visibility of state-of-the-art cybersecurity companies in Europe, both at the European and the global levels.


MIT Innovators under 35 - Europe

Exceptionally talented young innovators whose work has the greatest potential to transform the world. The Innovators Under 35 Europe is one of the most prestigious recognition worldwide from MIT Technology Review.

Gründerwettbewerb - Digitale Innovationen

The BMWi's Start-up Competition - Digital Innovations is aimed at high-tech start-ups with innovative business ideas based on ICT-based products and services.

Innovatoren unter 35 - Deutschland

The Innovators Under 35 Germany competition is part of the MIT Technology Review and each year brings together young pioneers from Germany and awards prizes to promising ideas and projects.



The eco://award is one of the most renowned and established awards in the Internet industry and enjoys a high reputation in the field.

Security Rockstar

The Security Rockstar competition's goal is to find and support innovative ideas and solutions in the area of information security.

Red Herring Europe Top 100-Award

The Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award is presented annually to start-ups from Europe that have brought groundbreaking innovations to the market.


Enterprise World

The Enterprise World, is a business magazine, a platform for all the master business minds to share their stories of success, the loop holes they encountered to become the overnight stars they are now of the enterprise world.

Digitales Start-up des Jahres 2018

With the "Digital Start-up of the Year" award, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy annually honors promising young digital companies from the BMWi start-up initiatives that are already established on the market.
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