Dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic

Dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic

Dear partners,

We take the present situation very seriously and would like
to inform you about the measures we have implemented and
their effects:

Accessibility and Workflow Management:
All colleagues from PHYSEC are equipped with notebooks and
working in home office. All phone numbers are redirected to
the mobile phone numbers of the team. Please don't be
surprised if a call is coming in from a mobile phone number.

Personal Contacts and Business Trips:
All visits, lectures, workshops and meetings were postponed
or replaced by video conferences. We have had good to very
good experiences with the various conference tools so far
and are looking forward to staying in touch with you.

Projects and Product Development:
Our engineers are not restricted in their work by the
transition to home office. Of course, we have adapted the
tools and processes used. We are highly motivated and
fully committed to both project implementation and
cutting-edge research.

We wish you to overcome the pandemic as well as possible
and hope that the measures taken will improve the
situation in the short and medium term.

Stay Healthy! Stay Secure!